World Web Series Premiere

Thursday March 28th 2024 at 19.00

*The premiere airs live 19.00 GMT (London, UK).

*All proceeds go towards our next 6 short films to be shot in 2024.

Three Amazing Trans Positive Films All In One Amazing Night

During the summer of 2023, and in answer to the current trans bashing agenda, we decided to start showing the truth. Trans people are strong, intelligent and resilient. 

Be inspired by our stories.

This short web series highlight what it is really like to explore our trans identity. Life is not doom and gloom and being trans actually brings much positivity and joy into our lives.

These films give you the real world experience and opinions of people who are living their trans life.

Find your own joy through their eyes.

Trans Joy

An exploration of trans joy and how being trans has brought so much joy into our lived experience.

Trans Pride

Understanding how much pride there really is in the trans world and what this means for our community.

Trans Dysphoria

This film explores the contract of trans Euphoria/Dysphoria and how we can use that as a platform for resilience.

Expert Panel And Performers

Bobbi Pickard


Trans In The City

Kenny Ethan Jones

Writer, Advocate, Model,

Film maker

Kay Rowan, 

Composer, Musician

Mary Burke


Gender Hormone Clinic

Ray Lavery


Trans Matters Worldwide

Jess Crooks


Trans Matters Worldwide

What’s Happening At The Premiere

This live event will showcase each of the films which you get to watch live.

You Will Get

An interview with the Director Jess Crooks

Jess Crooks will describe her inspiration and will tell you why this project had to be done, why now, and what it means to the community.

Premiere Of Trans Joy

Watch this incredible short film. Hear from real people living a real trans experience, how embracing their transness has brought such joy to their lives.

Interviews with cast members

Find out why people decided to get involved in these films. What it means to them and why supporting trans positivity is so important for us all.

Performance from Composer Kay Rowan

Kay is a trans musician, composer and singer songwriter. She lives and breathes music and we are honoured to have her play some of her wonderful songs for us live

Premiere Of Trans Pride

This second film, shot in Brighton Trans Pride shows interviews with trans people celebrating their trans pride. Hear why they got involved and what trans pride means to them.

Trans Expert Q&A's

Here from Trans activists, Bobbi Pickard, Mary Burke and others  advocates who battle for us each and every day. Learn how they are bringing trans rights to the forefront and what you can do to help improve the lives of trans people. 

Premiere Of Trans Dysphoria

This final film premiere shows the contrast of emotions felt by people on their trans journey. We hear honest accounts of transition and how this has affected their lives.

Live Director & Producer Q&A

Get your questions ready! You will be able to ask our film crew your questions live. It is an opportunity to get inside the mids of film makers who are determined to make all of our lives better.

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Premiere takes place on March 28th 2024 at 19.00 GMT

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All proceeds of the premiere will go towards the next phase of films to be shot in 2024. We are planning 6 new Trans Positive short films.

To maintain the high level of professionalism and quality we need to hire film crew and buy additional film equipment.

Please support us as much as you can.

Not Able To Attend But Still Want To Support Us?

We realise not everyone can make the date. But you still might want to support the project. Every penny will go towards the 6 new films and we can list you as a contributor on the credits.  For the purpose of transparency, we will be able to provide a copy of our financial spend for this project, so you can see exactly where your money has gone.

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We are Trans Matters Worldwide. An organisation inspired by and run by trans people. We are here to support, guide and educate, not just those who are trans but also those trying to understand the subject of transgender.

We create films, hold in person and online social and educational events; and coming soon we will release a book, explaining all things trans. In 2024 we will release a brand new online membership platform to support, educate and connect the trans community across the globe. We are friendly, inclusive and open to all.


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