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March 28th 2024

Trans Joy

Trans Pride

Trans Dysphoria

For All Transgender People And Their Supporters Worldwide

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I’m Trans

FTM+, MTF+, Non-B+, Gender Fluid+, Agender+, Questioning

Trans Supporter

Parent, Partner, Child, Family, Friends, Supporter, Questioning

Trans Educator/Business

Health professional, educator, charity, business  for trans

Why Join

Build your knowledge, find your truth and cultivateyour trans power. This is a global community of Trans and Trans supports, helping each other be the best version of themselves and strive for happiness.

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How It Works

Join for free and get access to all the support you will ever need.


Choose your starting point

Sign up is free. fill in your details and you’re in! It’s that easy.


Build your trans growth plan

Pick your starting point, answer a few questions and get a specific growth plan that will support and answer your questions about transgender. 


Join your local community

Join a local trans group or create your own. Make friends, attend events, ask your questions and get help. Never feel alone.

About Us

This is a fun, friendly and inclusive community platform for ALL trans people across the world. You can be questioning, pre-transition, in transition and post transition. We are here for both trans people and those supporting a trans person. Either way you are welcome.

This is a social and active group where you are in a safe and inclusive environment to make friends, get support, access trans education and have fun.

You have complete freedom to join an existing group or create your own. There are members areas, trans directories, social meetups and events, educational webinars. All open to everyone.


The team is based in London, United Kingdom, but we are global.


+44 (075) 444-96010


For Trans Individuals

This is a safe space to get the answers and help you need to support you on your trans journey

For Trans Supporters

This is a place to ask your questions, get support, make friends, understand transgender and find your peace.